GLaDOS Alpha 0.3 Preview

I apologize. My mic comes through pretty quiet and the game comes through pretty loud, something I'll fix for the next video.

The Profile can be downloaded here

The Current set of voice commands here

The Keybinds ( you may need to change some ) here

We hope you enjoy what we've come up with so far. Its definitely a work in progress. We asking for community support to flesh out commands and ideas going forward. We still have plenty of room to expand and alot of commands that didn't make it into this version, but we will be adding new commands going foward.

A Star Citizen version is currently in the works but we'd like to flesh out the E:D version first.

As a side note we also have two other voice packs unrelated to GLaDOS in development for both E;D and Star citizen, Specter and Sentinel and will be a little more traditional in nature.

And finally if you'd like to show a little support we accept Donations, the button can be found on the top right.

Happy Hunting.