E:D Voice Commands

The current set of of Voice Commands in alphabetical order. Keep in mind some functions have multiple voice commands.

This is a constant work in progress and should not be viewed as the Final list. Some commands may be removed and others added over different versions as they are released.

Balance power
Cargo Scoop
Counter Measures
Cut the engines
Decrease Sensor
Deploy Cargo scoop
Deploy counter measures
Deploy gear
Deploy Hard points
Deploy landing gear
Disable rotational correction
Disable Silent
Disable silent flight mode
Disable super cruise
Divert power to engines
Divert power to shields
Divert power to weapons
Drop Super Cruise
Enable rotational correction
Engage FSD
Engage Super cruise
Engines to 25%
Engines to 50%
Engines to 75%
Engines to 100%
Face front
Flight mode silent
Frame shift drive online
Go dark
Heat sinks
Hit the lights
I hate you
Increase sensor
Jettison Cargo
Kill the engines
Landing gear
Make the Jump
Next Hostile
Open Map
Open Navigation
Ready Weapons
Reboot System
Request Docking
Reset power
Reset power systems
Retract Hard points
Retract Landing gear
Retract weapons
Set Flight mode to silent
Set speed to 0%
Set speed to 25%
Set speed to 50%
Set speed to 75%
Set speed to 100%
Sing me a song
Speed 0
Speed 25
Speed 50
Speed 75
Speed 100
Stop Singing
Switch flight modes
System boot
Target Ahead
Target next
Target next enemy
Target next Hostile
Toggle Heat sinks
Weapon systems online
Weapon systems offline