KeyBinds - Elite Dangerous

It's important to note that the Voice Attack profiles use some custom Key binds. The following keybinds are the setup for Elite Dangerous. If you find that some voice commands do not function properly please check your keybinds against the following list. We tried to arrange them in the order that they appear in the system menu.


Set speed to 0% - X
Set speed to 25% - Numpad 4
Set speed to 50% - Numpad 3
Set speed to 75% - Numpad 2
Set speed to 100% - Numpad 1

Flight Assist - Z
Frame Shift Jump - J
Frame Shift to Super Cruise - [
Frame Shift to Hyper - ]

Rotation correction - CRTL + Z


Select Target ahead - T
Cycle next ship - G
Cycle previous ship - CRTL + G
Target highest threat - ALT + H
Next hostile ship - H
Previous hostile ship - CRTL + H


Hardpoints - U
Silent Running - Delete
Deploy Heatsink - V
Lights - Insert
Increase Sensors - Page up
Decrease Sensors - Page down
Cargo Scoop - Home
Jettison all cargo - End
Landing gear - L
Chaff launcher - CRTL + C
Galaxy Map - M
System Map - CRTL + M
Target Panel - 1
System Panel - 4
Sensor Panel 3
Communication Panel - 2

Power distribution

Engines - Up Arrow
Weapons - Right Arrow
System ( Shields ) - Left Arrow
Balance - Down Arrow

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